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House & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Service

Interior Painting

When it comes to professional painters in Indianapolis, O&G Painting LLC is the best. We are available for every step of the planning process, from choosing colors to cleaning up spotlessly after the job is done. O&G Painting LLC provides everything you need to change worn-down interiors into spaces that once again feel clean and appealing to everyone. We only use top of the line paints and our employees are well trained to make indoor magic in the following services:

Interior Painting Kitchen and Bathroom Painting

Kitchen and Bathroom Painting

Nothing changes the feeling of a home more than an interior painting project, and we are the best in the industry. Whether it's every room in your house or just your kitchen, the difference is immediate and you'll wonder why you waited so long to renovate. With O&G Painting LLC, interior painting expenses are much lower than with most painting companies out there, and hiring us could even end up being cheaper than trying to do the job yourself, especially when your own personal time, potential mistakes as well as accidents are considered.

Interior painting also has a whole host of positive effects unrelated to appearance. For example, adding a high quality layer of paint to your bathroom or kitchen can help reduce humidity, thus getting rid of potentially dangerous mold and bacteria. Along with safety, interior painting can also decrease your utility costs as well. Freshly painted interior walls not only look better, but they also have a cooling effect that can lower your energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

House & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Service


If you are unhappy with the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but cannot afford to completely replace them, consider contacting O&G Painting LLC of Indianapolis to learn more about our professional cabinet painting solutions and painting services. Our Indianapolis cabinet painting contractors have years of experience refacing and refinishing cabinets to suit the needs and style preferences of our clients, and we can accomplish this without breaking the bank.

Staining Wood Re-Finishing (Cabinets, Handrails, Trim, etc)

Wood Re-Finishing (Cabinets, Handrails, Trim, etc)

Whether you have newly installed cabinets that are unfinished and in need of wood staining, or older cabinets that could use some wood refinishing or cabinet refacing, O&G Painting LLC is the Indianapolis cabinet painting contractor you can trust for quality results at affordable prices. Everyone who sees your painted cabinets will assume they are brand new, they'll look that good! We don't just slap a coat of paint over your kitchen cabinets. We take time to refinish each part, from the cabinet doors to the framing, ensuring your kitchen painting project is a complete success. We also offer professional interior painting if you are looking to give your entire kitchen a whole new look without investing in a complete renovation. You'll be amazed at what a little cabinet painting can do to improve the look of your kitchen!

House & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Service

Drywall and Plaster Repairs

A new interior paint job will obviously make the interior of your Indianapolis home look more attractive, but there are limitations at how much improvement they can make without first addressing the underlying plaster and drywall issues that your walls may have, even a new coat of paint could start to peel and bubble rather quickly. Our plaster and drywall repair services will ensure that your new coat of paint will have a long life and continue to look great after many years. Here's a few of the plaster and drywall problems we can fix:

Drywall and Plaster Repairs Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

Drywall and plaster repairs can be some of the most frustrating tasks for a homeowner to encounter, particularly after water damage. Depending on level of water damage to your dry wall, the correct fix could be very different and you may be playing a guessing game trying to do it yourself. That and also mold build up in a drywall can represent a serious health issue for you and your loved ones. Let the experts come in and determine the exact solution needed to bring your walls back to their former state. We know the industry well and all the construction methods used in local homes, and we know what works for each particular drywall and plaster problem.

House & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Service

Professional Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper is a tedious project, but our professional Indianapolis wallpaper removal experts at O&G Painting LLC of Indianapolis have the patience, the experience and the tools to ensure your old wall coverings are removed with precision and care.

Improper removal of wallpaper can cause severe damage to the drywall underneath the wall covering, making it even more of a hassle to deal with when it comes time for the new wallpaper installation or paint job. Our professional Indianapolis wallpaper removal contractors know exactly what techniques and tools work best for removing wallpaper in various settings. We'll make sure your investment is protected, and that the walls beneath the wallpaper are prepped and ready for interior painting.

Professional Wallpaper Removal Professional Wallpaper Installation
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Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings are a great investment for both commercial and residential flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance and very attractive surface. They are durable and great for heavy traffic areas.

These floor coatings offer a great deal of benefits and advantages that range from the initial installation stages to its long-term required maintenance. For example, epoxy floor coatings are considerably quick to install and they are very durable and very easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy Floor Coating Advantages

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